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Jacie is a chat robot based on AIML technolodge.

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Jacie is chat robot based on AIML technolodge.

A python tool, PyAIML, is used to create the robot in the server. This project is aim to be a demo including HOW TO write a chatbot, HOW TO write a HTML client of the robot using WebSocket.

You can visit the website in to have look at the Jacie. Sorry to annouce that it will not work for 24 hours, the reason is:

  1. Jacie is just something that I'm intersting now, it's possible that it will get lost.
  2. The server, freeshell at ustc, is provided by LUG for the students in USTC. That means when I graduated from USTC, the server would not working any more, unless it's kept by LUG
  3. Actually I can buy a server myself. But I think it's not worthy.



A review about AIML has been writen in Chinese by Junyuan Hong. You can read it in 初探AIML. The python AIML tool, PyAIML, is also introduced there.


PyAIML is a python tool for AIML. It can learn the knowledge written in AIML from files. What really interests me is that it can save the knowledge into file end with ".brn". (You can find the brn file at github:/aiml/standard.brn, it's a standard aiml provided and supported by PyAIML) And It can also save the session, which means the robot will remember the words you have told her. But this function is not supported by Jacie now.

You can visit PyAIML at sourceforge, learn more about it.

How to install it:

$ git clone git://
$ cd pyaiml
$ python install

you can import it in python with import aiml. When you want to know more about the modules, please visit the sourceforge.


Since the HTML5 putted out, the websocket is available for all developers who is working on in-time-update, such as chatroom.

Although I have learned a lot from the Simple Chat Using WebSocket and PHP Socket, which is totally in php, I didn't use the php as the websocket server.

The gevent-websocket is used in the server, to work more smooth with PyAIML, since they are all python code.

You can learn more about the gevent-websocket in bitbucket, and clone it.


$ pip install gevent-websocket

page design

The design used the Simple Chat Using WebSocket and PHP Socket's design. The js file is used.

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